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About Sports Cars

Not what you may think. Marquee sports cars like Porsches and other mid and rear engine cars but also hand built prototype sports and sedan based vehicles with engines over 6 litres. Ideal for anything from drift, time attack, big capacity turbo tarmac and sports cars... the class that truly allows you to race what you build. Eligibility - any log booked car presented to race complying with CAMS 2nd category GROUP 2A regulations.


About Sports Sedans

The oldest and fastest national tin top race category in Australia. With the Kerrick national series and strong series in all other states , It's the one national category that anyone can join with a front engine sedan based car of up to 6 litre engine capacity. The best thing about sports sedans is that most other sedan based category cars comply so almost anyone can join in. Eligibility any log booked car presented to race complying with CAMS 3rd category GROUP 3D regulations.


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Important News

Are you a racing fan? We know you are! Follow our schedule and come on down to our next event. We’ll save a seat for you! Make sure you and your family don’t miss out on our next fun and exciting high speed races. Check out what other events we have coming up and join us soon. We know you’ll have a great time! and we would love to see you soon.


Sunday March 15th 2018

Round Three

Races 7, 8 and 9 for the season


Saturday March 17th 2018

Round 2 winner

Well done to Grant Hill for winning races 4, 5 and 6 for season 2018

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Sunday February 18th 2018

New Club Sponsor!

Many thanks to Cade Bell from Racing Dynamics for coming on board as a club sponsor for 2018. For all your race car preparation or performance car upgrades. Contact Cade Bell.

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